Growing weed isn’t as complicated as you may believe, but you will have to know a lot of factors. I know this from my own experience, so I know how to help you perfectly.

Although there are several factors to remember, things to know and several additional elements, I will stay focused on one which is so simple, yet so important.

Yes, this article is related to the LED grow lights. They do look like simple elements, but they are something which makes a true difference.

Why Using LED Grow Lights is Crucial

Of course, all of us know that using some kind of lighting when it comes to the weed growing is a must.

There are two main alternatives here.

I tried both of them, so I can tell you good sides of each one. Also, I will mention the downsides of both.

Originally, I used fluorescent and then move to HID lighting. Yes, these methods are very cheap, but they are a nightmare.

I had to invest in special equipment which would hold the lighting in perfect position and I needed tons of fans just to keep temperature average and suitable so my weed doesn’t ‘’disappear’’.

At the end of a day, this isn’t so great. Yes, you will save some amount of money in first place, but you will spend much more on cooling and hangings equipment.

Grow light bulbs will be turned on all the time, which also means that they must be replaced frequently, which isn’t something you want to do.

In one occasion, I had to replace more than 2 bulbs each day.

The next main issue is when a bulb is damaged overnight, so weed doesn’t get light more than a few hours. And yes, I didn’t forget about ballasts, which are mandatory in this case scenario.

In simple words, LED grow lights eliminate all of that.

First of all, the LED will last up to 50.000 working hours, so there is no reason to replace it sooner. This is the smallest advantage of the LEDs.

They also consume much less electricity than any other type of lighting.

Then we have the heat advantage.

Keep in mind that LEDs will generate far less heat than any other lighting, therefore additional fans may be irrelevant.

Furthermore, some models come with built-in fans so they will always keep the temperature at perfect level.

The last, but not least, LED lights don’t require the use of ballasts, making them even more suitable for beginners.

In a nutshell, LED grow lights are mandatory and the ultimate alternative for all growers.

They are sophisticated, eco-friendly, safer and a wiser choice compared to traditional HID lighting.

All of this should help you understand why this lighting is so popular nowadays and why it is far better than any other alternative.

It is actually difficult to understand people who choose traditional lighting.

Factors to Consider for Purchasing LED Lights

I explained why LED lights for growing weed are so much better than any other alternative, but now is the time to help you understand how you should choose them.

Marijuana grow lights come in different sizes, with different features, and with different specifications, therefore there is a lot of factors you should know before purchasing a specific model.

Overall, it is essential to match your needs with the capabilities LED lights will offer. Only then I was able to maximize the yields and to make the entire procedure simpler and easier at the same time.

So, below I will guide you through several factors which must be taken into consideration when looking for the LED grow lights for weed.


Yes, you will want to consider wattage of the LEDs, but there is one important fact to know. An LED with a wattage of 300W can replace HID lighting bulb of 300W perfectly.

But, LED has a much lower voltage, so it may be labeled with 140V, but there won’t be any issues.

In general, the higher the wattage, the better.

Full-Spectrum LED

If you are planning to use LED lighting through the entire cycle of marijuana growing, you will need a full-spectrum model.

Not all units are like that, so always check the labeling and the user manual. I personally believe that they are the best choice. Of course, they are slightly more expensive, but they are the best.

Area You Need to Be Covered

The area you need to cover will determine the need for LED lighting.

Always make sure there is plenty of light at all times and make sure you used the maximum allowed power of the LEDs. Attaching one next to the other makes all of this easier and simpler.

Angle of the LED lighting

Growing weed for dummies guide mention the fact angle of LED is crucial.

A higher angle capability allows you to cover more space, while a lower angle offers more direct lighting, even makes it possible to illuminate one plant only.

I like those models with medium angle capabilities. They are the best and easiest to use.


Yes, the budget is important when comes to LED lighting for weed.

Models with higher angle capabilities and built-in fans will cost more. Those with higher wattage and voltage will cost more as well.

So, try to find a balance. There is no point in looking for extra-big and powerful LEDs if you have a small growing area to cover.


On average LEDs can last up to 50.000 hours, but this cannot be generalized.

Some models can last up to 100.000 hours, so they are a much better choice for those who are planning to use them for a longer period of time.

Of course, they are more durable. I believe that if there is no need to replace the LED lights in the near future with bigger ones, you can always choose those with the longest lifespan.

I personally believe that there is no such thing as the main factor to consider.

All of them are important in their own way, so the key element here is to know that they should be well-balanced.

It means that you should pay attention to your requirements and choose a LED light accordingly. If you get better performances than you need, even better.

Just avoid getting LEDs which cannot meet the requirements of your plants!

15 Best LED Grow Lights

1. Marshydro Reflector 960W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Best Led Grow Lights

Here we have one of the best LED grow lights ever designed.

You are going to like it a lot, due to a lot of features, advantages and the aforementioned design.

I tried Marshydro Aeries LED for a few days and after that, I have been using it for months.

It is truly something each awed grower needs and wants.

Let’s begin with the 960W, which are more than just sufficient.

Then, I must mention the 22 x 19 x 2.5inches dimensions which made it suitable ever for more severe growers.

Just to add, this model is available with a lower wattage, which makes it suitable for growers who have lower requirements.

But, all versions feature a full-spectrum LEDs, so you can get a better idea how practical and useful this model is.

In the package, you will also get one hanging kit and overall warranty of 2 years.

Lumens provided are 21891 and the lifespan of the LEDs is between 50.000 and 100.000 hours.

So, in a nutshell, you get only the premium features. And yes, heat output is 1398BTU.

The most important thing to remember is that the coverage area is 3.5×3.5 inches for flower and 4×4 inches for veg.

At the end, this is a high-quality LED grow light which is ideal when space is an issue. The performances and durability are perfect and the fact different versions are available made it suitable for all of us.

After all, this is almost a 1000 watt LED grow light developed for those who want the most.

Large cover area
Full-spectral LEDs
Lifespan between 50.000 and 100.000 hours
Perfect for areas where space may be an issue
Durable and well-made
Using a different knot when hanging is recommended
User manual

2. Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w 12-band LED Grow Light

The LED grow lights I test must be perfect in any way possible.

First and foremost, I liked the fact all LEDs are 2-3 times brighter than any other model there is on the market right now.

Switching between bloom and veg features is simpler than ever.

All you have to do is to press a button and that’s it.

Then there is an advanced cooling system with fans which are 4 times quieter than any other model.

And yes, aluminum construction is sophisticated as well.

All of this means that the level of capabilities is extremely high.

Coverage is 4 x 6.5 feet, making this unit perfect for those who want the most.

The warranty of 5 years is excellent as well.

But, I liked the fact the light exposure is even and well-balanced.

In addition, there is a 90-day money back guarantee, which is needed if you know that the price isn’t precisely low.

But, this is perfectly normal if you know that the quality and the performances are above the average.

Lifespan is 100.000 hours, the voltage is 260 v and the auto-voltage adjusting feature works like a charm at all times.

At the end, I will only summarize what we have seen here. This is an excellent LED grow light of the latest generation and with the best capabilities.

I liked it, so should you.

Perfect voltage adjusting
Improved cooling system
LEDs are 3 times brighter than usual (platinum version)
5-year warranty
Easy to use and offers great performances
Expensive; so I recommend it to professionals
Poor customer support

3. G8LED 600 Watt MEGA LED Grow Light

Here is a safe choice.

If you don’t know which LED grow lights are suitable for you, this one definitely is.

First of all, this brand was the best in 2016 and 2017 and there are plenty awards dating from 2014.

I liked the fact it offers infrared and ultraviolet rays, which are more than just important.

The cooling system is a masterpiece.

You can hold your hand on the lights even when they have been on for 24 hours. In addition, the ballast isn’t needed.

Now, for all of you who prefer great customer support, this model is once again, perfect.

The customer support is actually one of the best.

I have ever encountered and they claim that in the near future, it will be even better if that is possible.

2-year warranty and a coverage area of 18 feet are the next best things regarding this unit.

Of course, let’s not forget about 60-inch light penetration, which is also above the average value.

The entire LED grow light here has been developed and tested in the United States.

It can be delivered to any part of the world and a power cord will be optimized accordingly.

It works on 110 and 240V, so there are no any issues whatsoever.

IR and ultraviolet rays
60-inch light penetration
8-feet of the cover area
Made and tested in the United States
Customer support
Isn’t available in different versions

4. Advanced Platinum Series P600

If you recall, the Advanced Platinum Series P600 is a smaller version of the model I mentioned earlier.

A good thing is the fact all the advantages and design characteristics are available as well, just the wattage is different.

Of course, the price is different as well. So, what must be mentioned here?

The LEDs are developed on the platinum technology, so they provide light which is 3 times brighter than usual.

Then we have the fans which are 4 times more efficient, yet quieter than other models may feature.

A 5-year warranty is available as well.

Cover area is 6×4 feet and a height of 18 inches made it suitable when there is not enough of space for other models to use.

Another similarity between those and the aforementioned model is in the switches on the side.

They allow you to easily change between bloom and veg performances and they are reserved for the best LED grow lights on the market.

Combined, all of this means that using the LED light here is easier than ever and far more user-friendly than ever before.

Additionally, I will mention that the unit comes with auto-voltage adjusting technology and with the automatic driver adjustment.

The lifespan of the LEDs is 100.000 hours or the best lifespan I discovered.

Veg and bloom switches
3 times brighter than usual
4 times better fans
100.000 hours of lifespan
Fans require maintenance
It is popular
meaning that it may be difficult to find a unit

5. California Lightworks Solarstorm 440W

Here is one of the LED grow lights which is solely developed for professionals and experts.

I have been using it for quite some time and I must say it is an excellent product.

The main advantage is in the emitter diodes. There are 88 of them, 5 Watts each and they offer superb light brightness and quality.

But, there are also two UVB light tubes, so the overall lighting is almost 2 times better than similar models have to offer.

All of this suggests that this unit is more than just impressive and sophisticated.

The primary optics are the next main advantage here. It is a 90-degree unit which offers superb, or better said glass jewel quality, so there is no need for secondary optics.

Paired with the emitter diodes and UVB tubes, the lighting effect is immense, in the lack of a better word. Cover area is 3 x 3 feet, which may sound generic, but there is another advantage here.

There is no wasted light, so all the light produced by the LEDs is directed towards the plants, where it should.

This simply isn’t one of the cheap LED grow lights available today, but it is one of the best, that’s why it is on the list.

The price will go significantly upper if you choose some of other versions, such as 2, 4 or 8 pack system.

The last, but not least the photosynthetic photon flux or PPF system is impressive no less. It offers better performances when it comes to the light penetration and it has a positive effect on the plants.

Photosynthetic photon flux
Primary optics
Powerful and reliable
No wasted light
4 and 8 packs are more than just expensive
Isn’t suitable for beginners

6. Advanced LED Lights – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The model we have here is high-quality, professional LED grow light unit with top-notch features.

It offers 11 light adjustments and it comes in a large size, so the coverage won’t be an issue.

The main advantage here is the precision.

The light is sent to the plants in perfect amounts and in perfect directions.

A new XML 90-degree lens makes all of this even better and more appealing.

If you are wondering about the results, let’s just say that they are the best you can get.

A low heat generation and high-quality LEDs made this unit special and in the best case scenario, more suitable for professionals.

I have been using it for some time and I was perfectly satisfied, although a large size means that it isn’t great for smaller areas.

Warranty is 3 years which is slightly better than some other units have to offer and the customer support is superb.

I actually checked this factor and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

A cooling fan is covered with a dust filter, meaning that it doesn’t require maintenance and you can use it in areas where dust is a common issue.

Paired with a system which reduced the heat for 50% makes this unit something else.

There are no heating issues whatsoever, so I would recommend it to users who live in areas where high temperatures are common.

In addition, ventilation is better than on other units, so it offers obvious benefits.

Yes, the price is special as well, but this is a professional unit, designed for professionals.

50% less heat than any other model
Honeycomb cooling fan with a dust filter
11 possible light adjustments
XML lens of 90-degree is superb
The price is still high
Size makes it suitable for more demanding purposes only
Obsolete design

7. Advanced Platinum Series P300

It is powerful, reliable and modern LED grow light.

This is another version of the aforementioned model, but it has a lower LED power.

In general, you get all the mentioned advantages.

For example, there are 3 times brighter LEDs and 4 times more effective fans.

The cooling system is one of the best and it is the same for all versions of this model.

Overall, you can use this LED for any purpose you have in mind and you are going to be perfectly satisfied.

Bloom and veg switches are another characteristics here.

They make the entire LED simpler to use and they are more than just beneficial for beginners and those who are still inexperienced with weed growing.

Here I will add the fact that the cooling system has been upgraded recently. Now it is an all-aluminum version of the highest quality.

100.000 hours of lifespan, 5 years warranty and a 90-days money back guarantee are all factors I must include here.

This model is ideal for smaller areas, but it offers the same efficiency and the quality bigger versions offer.

Value for money
All-new cooling system
100.000 lifespan
3 times brighter than other systems
A bigger version isn’t so more expensive
User manual is complicated to understand

8. Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series 1000W

The Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxyhydro Series 1000W paired with some of the best grow tents will make your yield a bit better than ever before.

So, what’s there to like about this model. I liked the fact it offers IR and UV capabilities.

The emitter diodes come in blue and red hues, therefore they offer all the advantages and provide all the essentials to the plants, but there is no wasted spectrum.

In a nutshell, this is all you can want.

Lenses here are state of the art. They feature 120 degrees and they are known for boosting the light penetration up to 150%.

This has an impressive effect on canopy and allows better productivity.

Keep in mind that this unit is reserved for 40 x 40 inches of coverage area.

I tried it on slightly bigger areas, but results weren’t ideal. On the other hand, on this cover area, the results were phenomenal.

Now, the cooling system. It is all new system which is more efficient, uses less energy makes less noise and offers better results in general. The warranty is 2 years on the entire system.

This brand has been among us for 9 years and it is already known for providing the best balance between the price and the features.

It is recommended for larger plants and for those who want to get the most out of their LEDs.

Very affordable unit
Penetration is increased by 150%
40 x 40 inches of cover area
Blue and red LEDs for optimal performances
120-degree lenses
Hooks are poor quality
Still makes more noise than other models

9. Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W

Of all, affordable LED lights I was able to test, this one is the most appealing.

The thing I liked the most is the quality and the price balance.

The unit is well-made and comes with all the elements and features you are going to need.

A cover area is 5 square feet which are an advantage if we know that the dimensions are 6 x 12.5 x 12.9 inches.

It is also lightweight, with a total weight of 5.4 pounds, so using it is more than just simple.

There are 6 band spectrums here. They start with 430 and reach up to 730nm.

Lifespan is 50.000 hours, which isn’t the best, but if we take into consideration the price, it is more than just decent duration.

The last thing, I also liked the most is the wattage available. It starts with 75W and reaches 1200W.

What this means is that it is possible to combine several units in order to provide the best lighting conditions for the plants. There are no limits here and the success rate is above average.

To summarize the things regarding this model. It is affordable, useful and available in different sizes and with different characteristics.

Most the best hydroponic systems I was used were combined with this LED grow light and the end result always was above the average.

Although round design makes the things a bit more complicated, the overall effect is still at the highest level possible.

More than just affordable
Available in different wattages (75-1200W)
50.000 hours lifespan
5 square feet of cover area
Round design is less practical than square one
Just one cooling fan

10. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 900W

I actually was impressed with the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 900W and I notice that all LED grow light reviews of this unit are similar or better said positive.

The main reason for that is in the technology.

Although this isn’t the latest model, it is more sophisticated than usual.

As such, it consumes only 412 watts, but it can be compared to units of 1000W power.

It is truly an advantage, especially if we know that the overall effect and results haven’t been compromised.

All of this means that it saves energy but doesn’t have a negative effect on the results.

The entire LED grow light is designed to maximize the potential. That’s why I noticed that the fans are of the latest generation.

They are extremely quiet, yet they are able to cool down the entire unit all the time, eliminating the risk of overheating or causing any other type of damage.

The size made it suitable for 4 x 4 feet of cover area, so do not try to use it on larger areas. There will be side effects.

Frequency is between 50 and 60 Hz, while the lifespan of the LEDs is 100.000 hours.

Obviously, this is a premium model, so I didn’t expect anything less.

In the package you get a 6-feet power cord, hanging kit and a user manual, which is decent, but not ideal.

Overall, I noticed that the heat generated is 70% lower than with HID lights, the quality of the LEDs is superb and the overall performance is phenomenal.

There are no side effects nor severe drawbacks of the unit. I also believe that value for money is great

. Growers who want powerful, sophisticated and relatively affordable LED grow light, should consider this unit.

Smart and new technology which maximizes performances
70% less heat than with HID systems
Overall performances are great
100.000 hours lifespan is perfect
A longer power cord would be better
Hanging kit isn’t the best I encountered

11. MAXSISUN Timer Control 600W

Thanks to the latest MT600 technology, this LED grow light is modern as well.

It is equivalent to 600W units, but it uses 276W, or 3% less than other units.

You should understand that all LED grow lights will be used most of a day, so this advantage will have a huge effect on the energy consumption.

Then we have bloom and veg features, which also come with a built-in timer, so light can be turned off at a specific time.

I personally prefer the PAR system which maximizes the light penetration for additional 150%. There are several other models with this feature available on the market, and all of them are highly appreciated.

One of many reasons why this isn’t an ordinary LED grow light is the mixture of the capabilities.

Combined, they will boost the metabolic processes in the plants, therefore has a positive effect on the yield.

The reflector of 90 degrees is just right but isn’t special.

What’s special is the remote controller. This is one of rare LED grow lights with the feature in question and it is more than just beneficial. At the same time, it makes the entire job much easier.

As I have mentioned earlier, this is a high-quality unit, so the lifespan of the LEDs is long. It is 100.000 hours as a matter of fact.

Dimensions are 2.8 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches, therefore they make this unit suitable for bigger or more demanding purposes.

The weight or 20 pounds won’t be an issue.

The overall quality of the materials is above the average, and it applies to the mentioned remote controller as well. In essence, this is an excellent model.

Eco-friendly (uses less energy than similar models)
Remote controller is superb
All elements are made from high-quality materials
Light penetration has been improved by 150%
Customer support is more optimized for US residents
Value for money

12. Dimgogo 1500W Triple Chips Led Light Full Spectrum

A low price is the first thing I noticed regarding this unit.

Back then, I believed that it isn’t a very good model. I was wrong.

The massive 1500W system is perfect for all of you who want the best results all the time. I have been using this model for quite some time, and I am more than just satisfied.

What’s more, the system uses all-new three-chip LEDs. They are more durable, more efficient and offer better results than older, 2-chip models.

Obviously, all of this has a positive effect on the overall effect and the plant ‘’satisfaction’’. This also means that the plants will grow faster.

A full spectrum supports blue red and white, alongside IR and UV rays, so it is almost identical to actual sunlight.

Cover area is 6.4 x 6 feet and the light distribution is impressive no less.

Now the cooling fan. It is a bit better than other models have to offer. First and foremost, it comes with two fans instead of one, so cooling is straightaway much more effective.

Power factor is 97% while the lifespan is 50.000 hours. Then we have a 3-year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.

I must add the excellence and professionalism of the customer support, which truly stands out from the crowd.

I also liked the fact the manufacturer includes some tips regarding the LED light.

For example, it should be placed 1-1.2 meters above the plants; it should be turned on 12-14 hours during vegetative phase, 9-12 hours during flowering stage and 7-8 hours during fruiting stage.

All of this is more than just helpful for beginners.

Extremely powerful
Affordable but not cheap product
Included tips are more than just helpful
150 LEDs are more than just enough
Small difference between this and 1000W model

13. 45W LED Grow Light, UNIFUN New Light Plant Bulbs

This is an improved or better said significantly upgraded version of a well-known LED grow light.

Upgrades were focused on two main elements

The first one is the LEDs themselves. Now, they use less energy than ever before, have a longer lifespan of 50.000 hours and they provide brighter light.

All of this means that the overall performance is significantly improved.

The second upgrade is related to the fan system. Now, it doesn’t make any sound at all and it is capable of cooling down this unit at all times, even when it is turned on all the time.

So far so good.

The fact there is support for IR and UV makes all things even better.

I also appreciated the money back guarantee and the fact it comes with all the features and elements which are essential for you to use it straight from the box.

Hanging feature is very useful and convenient, but there are better models out there.

The next drawbacks I the warranty, which is 12 months only. However, this is an affordable model, so I understand these drawbacks.

On the other side of a story, the overall quality is interesting and on a high level, I must add.

Some other points which should be mentioned are a low weight, which maximizes the functionality.

Size is decent as well, so a cover area won’t be an issue. Nevertheless, this unit is suitable for beginners or intermediate growers.

Still, it offers a bright light and it is a durable unit, so in a nutshell, it can be used as an additional LED grow lights.

During testing, I was satisfied and I appreciated the value of the unit, although the hanging system should be a bit better.

But, if you are a beginner, all of this is irrelevant. The model here is more than just ideal.

Affordable model with a decent quality
Bright light
Well-made and modern
Money back guarantee
Upgraded features including cooling
Warranty is 12 months only
Hanging system is too simple

14. Roleadro Panel Grow Light, 75W LED Plant Growing Light

The Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series, 75W LED Plant Grow Light looks simple and ordinary, but it is nothing like that.

This grow light consists of 117 LEDs and it covers 8 square feet of area.

It is specifically made for weed growers, but it can be used for other plants as well.

The light is bright and the variety of LEDs truly have an impressive, and positive effect on the plants.

I would recommend this unit for those who are still new and who are looking for affordable LED grow light with the extraordinary quality for the price.

Despite the low price, this unit is still a decent-quality model. It comes with great performances overall and it is great for most plants.

The warranty is 12 months, the lifespan of the LEDs is 50.000 hours and all of that is packaged in a lightweight and compact housing.

A good advantage is the fact this isn’t a small LED grow light. As a matter of fact, the dimensions are 13.4 x 11.8 x 1.6 inches, but the weight is 1.7 pounds.

Using it is more than just simple, although you will need to add hanging system, due to the fact it isn’t included in the package.

What’s more, the user manual isn’t very clear and it may be confusing.

But, in simple words, this LED grow light is more than just decent and useful.

I was very satisfied with it and it also has a lot of positive reviews of other owners, so it is a smart choice.

117 LEDs are included in this panel
Lighting is more than just great
yet modern design
8 square feet of cover area
Warranty is 12 months
It is recommended for cover area of 7 square feet
according to my tests

15. 50W LED Plant Grow Lights UFO 250 LEDs

The main thing here is the number of LEDs.

There are 250 of them, which made this model more than just capable of meeting all kinds of requirements.

I also liked the fact all the LEDs feature the latest standards and come with the impressive quality.

All of them are paired with a great case, so overall, you will get a decent product, especially if you know that the price is low.

LEDs provide bright and suitable light to the plants and they cover between 6 and 18 square feet of cover area.

I discovered that this unit is widely popular nowadays and it is used across the planet.

Furthermore, it is great for different types of plants and suitable for weed as well.

And yes, as other models made by this brand, you get 12-month warranty, money back guarantees and 50.000 hours lifespan of the LEDs.

In a nutshell, this is an extraordinary model of LED grow lights which have it almost all.

Once again, the round shape makes it a bit less practical to use, but 250 LEDs are truly capable of meeting all your demands.

Value for money
250 LEDs
Up to 18 square feet of cover area
12 months warranty only
Round design


LED grow lights are far more complicated than you may imagine.

They have a huge role in the overall success of growing weed and other plants. They speed up the process and allow to you to get so much more.

I tested and compared units which come from different price ranges, with different characteristics and different features, all in order to assist you to get the one you will like the most.