Cannabis apart from being a recreational drug is also proving to pose some great medicinal values. The stem of the cannabis is said to boast a lot of nutrients. These are some of the methods by which you can grow cannabis inside your own homes. Within a span of 12 weeks, one can actually get their first harvest done those too in large amounts.

The process of cultivating marijuana in your homes is explained here. But do have a look at the rules and regulations for the cultivation of marijuana in your country. In some places, it is illegal. But, the rules and the other laws vary within the country itself from state to state. But it is recommended to have a look at the rules of the state.

The First Basic Need: Space

These days people live in urban localities in the apartments. So, it is not justified to use the common space in the homes for their personal purposes. By using this method, one can grow cannabis within their homes that too inside their rooms. There does not arise a need for outdoor space. This can be accomplished by the usage of good quality tents.

These tents are thick enough to not let too much of light inside as these plants are not comfortable growing in extremely bright conditions. One needs to create the same atmosphere as that of a rainforest. The rainforests do let light penetrate in but not all the time. The meager amount of light is needed for the proper growth of the plant. This same sort of atmosphere is created by these tents.

As the plant grows bigger in size, you will need more light. If you are a first timer and trying your hands at cultivating marijuana/cannabis/weed for the first time, then the plants will be tiny and you need not worry about the lights. In case, you wish to grow plants quite bigger in size, then you need to make some more space for the light. This can be accomplished by the use of light sensors in your tent.

The Second Basic Need: The Seeds and Germination

It takes a lot of effort to actually acquire the right seeds. There are a lot of bogus seeds in the market. You should be very much aware of which seeds to buy and which you should not be buying. The seeds should have the tiger stripes on them. Never buy the black colored seeds. They are almost dead seeds. If you do not buy the right seeds, then it would take a lot of time to germinate. The improper germination would result in a poor harvest.

Get Peat Pellets for Proper Germination

Since it is already mentioned that there should not be too much light nor too less light. The seeds should not be exposed to direct sunlight for they could wither easily. They should get the right amount of water and sunlight. Too much of water is also dangerous as it makes the seeds too soggy. The over soggy seeds do not provide proper output. So, if you get a peat pellet you can avoid all these problems.

You can buy the seeds from online legal sellers. There are also few nurseries that sell weed seeds. But when you are buying from online, make sure that he is a trusted seller. For many tend to run fake websites and sell the false seeds. It is not that easy to spot the weed seeds being sold in the e-commerce platforms. If you buy from e-commerce platforms, then it is easy to track and register a complaint if in case the seeds do not function properly. But, that particular option is not available all the time. So, it is recommended to get the seeds from the physical stores.

Take the peat pellets and soak them in water so that they would expand. Place the seeds inside the pellets like about ½ inch inside the pellet. These pellets provide the required safety and the other needs to the seeds.

You have to place the seeds inside these peat pellets. These peat pellets are not too opaque nor too transparent. These peat pellets let in the right amount of sunlight and they also do not let the seeds float in the water. But, you should never dip or soak these pellets in water all the time. You can sprinkle some water on these pellets so they absorb the right quantity of water. But you need to have some patience as these seeds take more than 4-7 days to sprout.

What are Some of the Methods You Need to Follow to Reap Good Plants?

These are some of the methods you need to follow to get the proper germinated seeds. There is certain equipment that you need to use for germination. Only the proper germinated seeds yield good growth. The equipment is shared below along with the tips to get the right growth.

Providing the Right Light

Though the seeds have already sprouted, you need to keep the seeds inside the pellets for few more weeks. Till 3 and half weeks, the plants need to be kept inside these pellets. The pellets need about 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. After the completion of 3 and half weeks, the plants get into the flowering stage. After the flowering stage, 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness is more than enough for the plants. But you might wonder how one could get 12 hours of natural light. The LED Lights come to the rescue. These lights can be controlled with the help of light sensors. The light sensors have a timer attached to them so they can monitor without human interference. Moreover, the usage of LED lights is also economical in nature.

The tariffs are not too high for the usage of LED lights for a long time. So, it serves a dual purpose. It can provide light at a cheap rate as well as not create a hole in your pocket due to prolonged usage. The other lights create a lot of heat when they are operated for long hours which are dangerous for the seeds. The LED has a specialty that they do not create excess heat in spite of being operated for long hours. If you are planning to go out of the station, this idea comes handy. Moreover, if you reside in a place where the cultivation of marijuana/cannabis is against the law, then this method is the best choice. This would not raise doubts in the eyes of your neighbor.

Regulating the Time of the Light

Now that you have an idea about which light you are supposed to use. The time to which the lights are on is decided by the timer. The timer should be designed such that it is able to handle a large amount of power. Apart from the power handling capacity, the main aspect of a timer is that it should have great programmable features, better display, and other options. There are some timers that can be programmed to stay on for different times of the day, different days of the week. This is definitely useful during times you travel out of town for a vacation. But you must be careful enough to buy the right timer.

Air Circulation

So, the required light is produced with the help of LED and it is regulated with the help of a timer. LED is being used here owing to the fact that the LED generates comparatively lesser heat. But, heat is generated though. So, you need some good air circulating mechanisms to drive away the heat. A good air circulating mechanism is necessary as the younger plants can handle the excess heat but at the same time the older plants cannot handle the excess heat and they wither easily. There are also chances that the plants might burn out. So, you can get a standalone exhaust fan like a portable fan to remove the heat. There are also some modern fans that also come with a thermometer that could keep a check on the heat inside the tent.

But, there is another great idea if you do not want to install all these different and separate instruments inside your tent. There are certain tents that come inbuilt with all the needed fittings. These are available in certain online markets and other retail stores.

Good Pots

You need to buy a good pot for your pot. These pots not just aid the growth of your plant but they also make sure that your place does not get soiled. The amount of light falling on the place also affects the size of the pot as well as the plant. The fabric pots are recommended for your plants.

Soil and Other Soil Needs

Good soil is needed for good growth. Also, remember the fact that you are going to consume it. So, buy good quality soil. Organic soil is highly recommended. The top quality organic soil comes with all sort of natural fertilizers so you need not add any extra fertilizers until the third or fourth week. Even while you are adding

Water Needs

Any plant needs the proper amount of water for growth. Make sure to provide the right water needs for your plant. The younger plants need water like only once a week but the larger plants would require water like about daily. But it does not necessarily mean that you have to keep watering it daily. There are certain indications to check if your plant needs water or not. If the soil is warm, then it needs water. If the soil is cold, then it does not need water immediately. If the leaves face the soil, then it needs water.

Use Filter

Since the water we use is filled with a lot of chemicals, it is recommended to filter the water before using it for the plants. The filter removes the harmful chemicals and the other effluent from it. One can find different types of filters in the market. You could use a faucet like water can for watering the plants. The water can is fixed with a fertilizer tank to mix the fertilizer with the water. Use water on a regular basis to make the plants healthy.

Other Needs

Keep a check on the temperature and the humidity of the tent. As already mentioned, the temperature should not be too high nor too less. The same applies to water and moisture content too. The moisture in the air has to be less.

After two months, some strong odor arises out of these plants, so apart from the air circulation system; you would need a good odor removal system. Fit one of those in your tent to remove the pungent odor.

Final Processes

The male cannabis plants are not fit for consumption. Only the female cannabis plants are fit. The female can be differentiated from the male by the usage of the microscope to check the color change. When the trichomes appear brown in color, then it is a female cannabis plant.

These female cannabis plants are harvested after a brief duration of 12 months. They are cured by removing the fully-grown seed inside them like how the ginning of cotton is done. These seeds are very powerful after a couple of months. It is best when it is stored in tall glass jars that are not too airtight and at the same time not too lose.

Cannabis grows in the outdoors under prescribed conditions. When these steps are followed dutifully for cultivating cannabis indoors, then the atmosphere that is outside can be set up inside the homes. Since there is a huge demand for good quality cannabis, it is better if you follow these methods and grow cannabis at your home. When it is cultivated at your home, you need not worry about the genuineness since you look to each and every need of the plant. So, with quite some amount of dedication, you can save a lot of money too by growing cannabis within your space.