Choosing the best LED grow light may be one of the most difficult choices to make right now. Why may you wonder? Well, there are a lot of models, a lot of possible choices and new brands which appear all the time. Here, I will be focused on the Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights. Straightaway, I must reveal that they are highly appreciated, that they are developed by professionals for those who need the best results and there are a lot more advantages.

Increased Use of LED Grow Lights

At this particular moment, we can see a massive change in the matter of grow lights for plants, especially cannabis. Some growers still prefer HID systems, which are obsolete, while others are moving one step further and they are choosing LED systems. The main thing to know here is that LEG grow lights are a much better choice, compared to any other alternative. There are dozens of advantages and benefits, which I will explain below. Obviously, the LED grow lights are getting more and more popular, so they are definitely something to consider. Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights are probably the most popular type of them all. This brand is special, in the lack of a better word.

Actual Wattage Advantage

The first and the main reason why the LED lights are so popular is their actual wattage requirements. For example, a HID light of 250W will use 250W of energy, obviously. But, LEDs won’t. As a matter of fact, they will use 50% less, so we will see a score of 86W. Basically, the situation is the same regardless of the power you choose. All LED grow lights use 50% less energy compared to HID systems, but they provide the same results. Addition: A HID system or 1400W uses the same amount of wattage, while equivalent LED will use 690W.

Superb Light Spectrum

All grow lights must provide a decent amount of light at all wavelengths in order for the plants to get the optimal light they need. The Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights have 12 color wavelengths, which is commonly known as the best result. Furthermore, they provide higher light values when it comes to red and blue colors, the ones plants actually absorbed faster. For comparison, HID systems are better in green and yellow colors, which are ‘’consumed’’ much slower. In addition, the Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights come with IR and UV diodes, so they maximize the overall result.

Ideal Cover Area

You should know that the Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights are more affordable than other models available right now. Some of you may believe that this has a negative effect on the cover area. Well, there are no issues here. I actually tested this matter in real-life applications and I determined that the cover area is similar to those, high-end, expensive LED grow lights. So, you will definitely get the best results here.

3W Chips

Modern LED grow lights use either 3 or 5 Watt chips. Now, which type is better? This is a bit more complicated matter to explain. The best LED grow lights usually have 3 Watts chips, which may be confusing. The thing is, these chips offer a much better mixture of the heat and light. 5W chips are decent as well, but the heat output is much higher. I will add only that there are 10W chips as well, but the heat they provide is too high and it shouldn’t be considered at this moment.

In the near future, with the technology advancing, 5W chips will be better, but at the moment, the 3W chips are just perfect and they should be taken into consideration. Just to add, almost all Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights use 3W chips, which is an additional reason why I like them.


This is a more generalized point. All LED lights are more durable and more efficient than HID systems. They can last much longer without any, possible malfunction and they will meet the requirements of even the most demanding growers. I know, because I am one of them.

LED Grow Lights: The Truth

At the end of this point, I must summarize all the things we have learned. First of all, LED grow lights are much better in the terms of energy efficiency when it comes to the type and amount of light provided to the plants and to the durability. In a nutshell, LED grow lights are the best of the best at this particular moment and there are no better alternatives. So, if you are always looking for the best, like myself, LED grow lights are the path to choose.

Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights Brand: Are They Truly the Best?

A while back, I noticed the increase in popularity of the Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light brand. Back then it sounded too good to be true, but after some time and a lot of tests, I determined that this brand is more than just good. There are a lot of advantages these lights have to offer and now I will explain all of them.

Value for Money

Let’s start with the value for money. The brand in question isn’t the cheapest of them, all, but it offers prices which are by far lower than some, high-end brands have. In essence, these grow lights are a great value for money. The overall quality and the performances are decent or above the average, but the cost is still lower than I expected. This is one of the main reasons why I like this brand so much and why I want to recommend it to all of you who are on a tight budget but still want only the best for the plants. Certainly, these lights will repay themselves in a few months.

Higher Lumen Output Per Wattage

Here I will point out the impressive advantage. All Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights have diodes which are 2-3 times brighter than any other type of diodes available in the grow lights at the moment. This is also one of the main reasons why so many growers have chosen the brand in question. For those who don’t know, you will get 3 times higher lumen output per a watt than any other brand offers at the moment. Mix this with affordable price and you will get a clear picture why this brand is special.

Superior 12-Band Spectrum

All LED lights made by this brand feature the latest 12-band technology. What this means is that the diodes will provide a full spectrum which is essential for plants. At the same time, they will get IR and UV benefits as well. If you are looking for the best results over a short period of time look no further.

High-Speed Fans

Yes, almost all LED grow lights don’t have any issues regarding the heating or overheating. But, this brand uses high-speed fans of the latest generation. They are faster than usual, they offer a better lifespan and they are quieter than any other model. An important advantage is in the fact almost all systems have dual-fan systems, therefore the overall cooling result is better than usual.

5-Year Warranty

LED grow lights come with a warranty between 2 and 5 years. As you would expect, a 5-year warranty is reserved for premium models. All Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights come with this type of a warranty, so they are a safe buy. I personally prefer long-lasting warranty, simply due to the fact LED grow lights are not cheap as some of you may believe, therefore this is definitely an important factor to consider.

Selectable Switches

Veg and flower switches are not rare among LED grow lights, but they are not as common as you would like. I like this feature a lot and I believe that every single grow light should come with it. A good thing is in the advantage the brand in question has. All of their models come with this type of feature, so they will truly maximize the overall performance. Yes, this feature is reserved for professionals who may actually need it, but still, it is a factor to consider.


Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights come in a variety of sizes, power outputs, and additional characteristics. Regardless of the fact are you a professional or a beginner grower, you will be able to find a model which suits you the most. Currently, I use 2 different models, one as the main grow light ad another as an additional element.

5 Best Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Models

1. Advanced Platinum Series P1200 1200w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

This LED grow light has it all. It is far more than just a simple model for beginners and amateurs. I must say that it is purely developed for professionals. I have been using it as my primary grow light for quite some time and I am more than just satisfied. First and foremost, the dimensions are 19 W x 36 L x 3 H inches, so this is a large grow light suitable for rowers who have a lot of ‘’hungry’’ plants. There is no need in telling you that the cover area is impressive as well. All the plants will get more than just needed light at all times.

But, the main reason why I liked this unit so much is in the fact it still offers 3 times brighter LEDs, or in other words 3 times higher lumen output per wattage than other models. Believe or not, I actually tested this fact in the real world and the results were impressive! Then there is a 12-band feature which feeds the plants with all hues, with IR and UV as well. A combination of all this makes the grow light here a high-end unit. If you want more, you will definitely get it. The model in question obviously comes with a VEG and Flower switch, something only advanced growers appreciate. Overall, this is a great product to consider, but there are a few more facts you should know.

The P1200 model is extra strong, with the 1200W capabilities. But, as other models made by this brand, it uses 50% of the energy. The cooling system is a state of the art. Let’s just add that there are 8 fans with different speeds. In essence, this makes the grow light capable of cooling itself down regardless of the overall temperature, running time and etc. In addition, an aluminum sink element is all-new as well.

Superior lumen output per wattage
Well-made and durable
8 cooling fans
All-new aluminum heat sink
50% less energy consumption than other models (690 Watts)
Affordable considering the specs; but still expensive for most growers
Requires plenty of free space
Where To Buy

2. Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

Yes, the P600 model offers 600W power, but it is still more than some growers do need. What’s more important is the fact all major elements and advantages of the aforementioned model are implemented as well. As such, 3 times better lumen output per a wattage is implemented, veg/flower switch and the overall quality. In addition, the cooling system is basically the same as the first model here has, so overheating won’t be an issue. But, it does use 4 fans.

Other elements you will have to know regarding this model is energy consumption, which is under 300W. The cover area is 6×4 feet, so this LED grow light is still desirable for major applications. Keep in mind that I have been using it before I replaced it with the 1200W model, but I was perfectly satisfied with this unit as well. In addition, IR and UV and 12-band spectrum are available as well.

Warranty of 5 years is standard. Money-back guarantee is available as well, but chances are low that you are going to use it. 100.000 hours lifespan of the LEDs means that you can use this model for 10 years without having to replace a single LED! In general, this model is a replacement version for those who don’t need the 1200W unit mentioned above.

Value for money
Full 12-band spectrum
100.000 hours lifespan
5-year warranty with a money-back guarantee
Company is hard to reach with a phone
Fans quality and reliability
Where To Buy

3. Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

The coverage area of 4.5×4 feet is just sufficient for growers who are looking for a LED grow light which is well-balanced. It means that this unit isn’t very expensive, doesn’t come with massive space requirements, but it still offers decent results and light to the plants. Veg/flower switch, 3 times higher PAR (lumen output per wattage) and overall string quality are all available. In addition, 5-year warranty, 100.000 hours lifespan of the LEDs and a full spectrum are all implemented. Power cords are available for all parts of the world. Auto-voltage technology is available as well, therefore protection of the unit is guaranteed at all times.

Compared to other models, this unit is also a great value for money, but isn’t ideal as the one I mentioned earlier. The P600 unit is more sophisticated, more powerful, but doesn’t cost so much more. But, the P450 is smaller and more ideal when it comes to growers who need a bit smaller grow light. You can literally hang it anywhere you want and start using it immediately. Cooling consists of a new aluminum heat sink and 2 fans which are quieter than usual. Even the overall weight of 15 pounds is better than some equivalent models have to offer. So far so good. At this point, I will add that this unit doesn’t have any severe issues you may expect. It is a high-quality version which comes with all the features an advanced grower may need. Attention to the details is impressive as well, so you can get a better idea why I like this model so much. It would actually be rated as second best, but I believe wattage has the main role, so this is the place P450 deserves.

Lightweight and compact
High PAR output
2 quiet fans for cooling
Auto-voltage system
10-year lifespan of the LEDs
A bit lower coverage area than claimed
Requires plenty of maintenance
Where To Buy

4. Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light

I won’t spend so much time reviewing this LED grow light due to obvious reasons. It is basically the same version as the P450. The only difference is in the dimensions and the wattage. Nevertheless, this unit is still functional and purpose-made. I would like to recommend it to the growers who need a bit smaller LED grow light, but they still want decent performances.

Just to summarize, the P300 unit comes with 3 times better PAR than other systems, 100.000 hours lifespan, long warranty, 90-day money back guarantee and with veg/flower switch. In addition cooling system is the same as with the previous model, so there are 2 fans, they are super-quiet and they are more than just reliable. Auto-voltage feature and automatic driver adjustment are implemented features as well.

There are some differences. The first one is a cover area which is 4.5×3.8 feet. Dimensions of the light are 5.25 x 11 x 24 inches and the weight is 13.1 pounds. As you can see, these specifications are a bit different than with the P450 model. A lower weight makes the unit a bit easier to use and a bit more suitable for beginners and smaller grow tents. Let’s not forget that the optics, or better said the lens offers a 90-degree angle, which is known as the best value available at the moment.

Long lifespan
All features are the same as on more expensive models
Small for some growers
Screws must be additionally tightened
Where To Buy

5. Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w 12-band LED Grow Light

This is one of the smallest LED grow lights made by the brand in question. The power of 150W is ideal for small applications. But, this unit still offers all the advantages even the most expensive model here offers. As such, I like this unit very much and I believe it is one of the best to use as an additional grow light. There are no issues here, the quality is exceptional and the light delivery is very impressive.

There are also 2 fans of the latest generation (the same as I mentioned earlier) and they are extremely quiet. A 5-year warranty is impressive, obviously and it isn’t common for LED grow lights of this price. This brings me to the additional advantage. This LED grow light is one of the most affordable units I ever tested, with this capability of course.

So, in essence, we have an LED grow light which is beautifully made, which comes with all advantages more expensive units have and with a warranty which is longer than usual. Still, it is made by the best brand in the world, so it isn’t difficult to understand all of these advantages.

Very affordable model
Shares the same platform as the most expensive model made by this brand
Ideal for smaller applications
2-fans and all-new cooling heat sink
12-band LEDs
Isn’t great for those who want more
Small for some growers
Additional power would be useful
Where To Buy



Almost all Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Lights are designed and made for professionals. They bring us the latest technology, the best overall quality and they are ideal for growers who appreciate value for money factor. I tested and used all of these 5 models, and I must say that they are much better than any other brand I have been using before them. A combination of the quality, performances, and the overall result is above the average, while all factors are simply superb.