When it comes to growing cannabis, each person has three possibilities. They are indoor, outdoor or grow tents. Outdoor is probably the simplest alternative, but not all of us have land to spare. Indoors is a worthy alternative, but it still isn’t the possible at all times. Then, we have grow tents. They are the perfect when you don’t have plenty of space and they are easy to use. But, which best grow tents are. I have tried a few of them and now I will reveal my opinion. But first things first, something more about these products.

Weed Can Be Legally Grown in Your Home

It should be mentioned that you can legally grow weed at home. However, different countries and different states have different regulations. The best thing to do is to consult local authorities or conduct a web search for your, specific location. Obviously, this matter cannot be generalized.

Here are a few states in the United States with the amount of weed they allow you to grow. They are:

  • Alaska: 6 plants
  • Colorado: 6 plants
  • Washington: 6 plants per person (12 plants is the max)
  • Oregon: 4 plants max

Best grow tents are capable of growing far more plants than the regulations allow, so be cautious. It may be tempting to grow more than the law allows, but still, it is illegal and it can have a negative effect. Luckily, these tents allow to users to grow more plants over a shorter period of time.

10 Benefits Best Grow Tents For Cannabis Have To Offer

Yes, these tents have plenty of advantages to offer. Despite the fact they look simple and they don’t have sophisticated features at the first sight, they are actually advanced products. The full list of the capabilities is too long to be explained, but I will try to point out the most relevant ones. Don’t forget that all tents offer these benefits, but some do it better than the others. In addition, some don’t have all the advantages mentioned here. Later on, I will guide you through the selection process. Anyway, the main advantages are:

1. Increases the Effect of the Growing Lights

Unless you are an absolute beginner, you know that lighting is the main factor to consider when growing weed. Too high and inadequate light can increase the temperature which will directly lead to plant damage. Just to add, cannabis can withstand a temperature up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A higher temperature will severely damage all the plants. Poor lighting has the same side effect, basically. It won’t provide sufficient amount of light a plant need, so they will die, sadly!

In order to make sure none of these things happen to your small garden, tents should be used. They are designed to provide the optimal amount of light, without the risk of getting a high amount of light or temperature. In other words, aforementioned issues which can damage and kill plants are eliminated. Even a beginner won’t have a hard time in adjusting the light and providing the best living conditions to the plants. LED grow lights are the safest option, but still, they are more efficient when paired with grow tents.

2. Protects from Pests

Why people carry tents while camping? To protect themselves from cold and pests. The same purpose the best grow tents offer to the plants. All the pests will be kept away from the plant. Not a single one will be able to penetrate the protective walls of a tent, if everything is adjusted perfectly. I know that pests are the second biggest killer of cannabis, after high temperature.

Depending on the area you may live, pests may be so common that all the plants will be killed within a matter of days. In addition, in some areas, it isn’t even possible to grow cannabis, specifically due to the pests. They are so common that they literally destroy anything that comes to their path. Obviously, an indoor grow tent can solve the problem.

3. Fresh Air Will Be Present Inside a Tent at All Times

All plants need fresh air at all times. These tents simply allow you to provide it to them without any big investment or adjustment. There were a few studies which proved that the fresh air can make a difference in the taste and odor of a weed. All of this won’t be an issue if your plants don’t get fresh air. And yes, you can try to provide this necessity all by yourself, but chances are high you won’t be able to meet the exact requirements of the plants.

4. Power Efficient

Tents are optimized to use as low energy as possible while boosting the productivity. Due to the fact they are treated as separate environmental containers, all resources you use will be equally divided and they will be equally delivered to all the plants. In other words, you will save money by using a tent for this purpose.

5. Tents Kill Odors

Negative pressure in the tents is essential for keeping a bad odor away from the tent. In essence, all the odors and the smells created by the plants and the procedure itself will be perfectly concealed inside a tent. They are so strong and beneficial in this matter that it isn’t even possible to detect cannabis by its odor, but only if you use the tent. Here we have a few additional advantages. Nobody will know that you grow cannabis and your home won’t smell differently.

6. Easy to Clean

The tents in question are so superb when it comes to cleaning that this is one of the biggest advantages actually. The materials used in their construction are strong, stain proof and they are waterproof. Combined, all of this means that cleaning a tent takes around 10 minutes and it is so easily performed that you don’t have to worry about any of the things you would if you use other techniques.

7. Affordable

I needed more than $120 to set up my first DIY growing space for my plants. Tents from growing cannabis cost less than that, so this is another advantage. In general, they are a great value for money, compared to other methods. Newer models are even better when it comes to value for money. They come with all the features a grower will even need, but their prices are so low that making your own growing alternative simply isn’t affordable anymore.

8. Simplicity of Installation and Usage

Regardless of the size of a tent you choose, you won’t have any complication regarding the usage. Setting up takes 10 minutes and maintenance 5 minutes on average. All of them have a similar base or they work on the same principle, therefore there are no separate complications either. Assembly process usually requires basic tools or bare hands.

9. Keeps Plants Hidden

Really? Should I even explain this matter? Tents are more than just beneficial when it comes to keeping your plants hidden. Even if a person knows you grow cannabis, it will be far from obvious. Just keep in mind how impossible it would be to hide them without a tent. This is one of the main advantages, although the most obvious one.

10. The Best for Perpetual Growing

All beginners will use the best grow tents for growing just one weed species at a time. Professionals won’t. They prefer the tents due to a simple reason. They can grow the two species and can use tents for flowering and vegetative states at the same time. Yes, this requires a bit more knowledge and expertise, but it is easier than you may think. I know, I use this type of growing all the time.

As I said earlier, these are the most important advantages grow tents have to offer. In reality, they are probably the best alternative for indoor growing. A while back, they were expensive, so most growers decided to build these tents. Now, they are affordable, as I mentioned so there is no need for wasting time in making something that can be yours instantly.

Important: A proper tent for growing cannabis will make your weed production much, much better. After all, it is specifically designed for one purpose only.

Next Main Thing: Size of a Grow Tent

Of course, size of a tent is one of the factors to consider. But, it is so important that I will explain it separately. If you purchase a too small tent, you will have to replace it anytime soon, if you decide to grow more plants. On the other side, if you get a too big tent, you will have higher maintenance and they are expensive, but it will be half empty. As such, choosing the right size is more than just important. I can even say that it is the most crucial factor of them all.

In order to make this point simpler and easier to digest, I divided tents into three groups. They are:

1. Small Tents for Growing Cannabis

These models have a size of 2×4’. They are rated as beginners tents and they are the most common. In essence, the best grow tents of this size offer plenty of advantages. Reaching all the plants is easy and you get the ability to make any modification you prefer. Still, they don’t occupy plenty of space and they are affordable. In the United States, these tents hold almost 50% of market share!

Despite the small size, they are superb for occasional cannabis growing and they will meet your demands. Of course, they are not ideal if you are looking for a tent for a bit larger capabilities. It shouldn’t even be mentioned that lighting and air intakes are all supported here.

2. Mid-size Tents

Two times larger tents have 4×4’ dimensions. They are a golden middle. They require more space than smaller ones, but they also provide 2 times more space. Intermediate growers can grow weed perfectly without an issue as long as they want. Furthermore, they are superb for those who want to start small but develop and increase their yield.

An interesting fact here is lighting. You can use LEDs and between 600 and 1000W of HPS. I personally believe that these tents are ideal for growers who look for an upgrade for the small tents, but they still don’t want to use the entire room for growing it. Important: Mid-size tents can be managed by a single individual.

3. Large Tents

Here is the place where fun actually begins. Large tents may have dimensions of 96″x48″x80″ or even higher. They are for professionals, due to a simple reason. They can accommodate 3-4 times more cannabis plants than smaller tents, so expertise and time are both needed. Obviously, when it comes to harvesting, these tents are the most productive.

Don’t think that the installation or maintenance are issues here! Not at all. Large tents are still easy to install and they are easy to use. The only thing to consider is the space. You will need more of it! An interesting addition is the fact large tents are commonly treated as premium models. As such, they come well-made, with extraordinary fabrics, zippers, and bases. Still, their prices are not 3 times higher than smaller ones have, due to the fact they are not as common choice as the first type here.

Best grow tents are the one that can meet all of your expectations. The size should be the primary factor to consider and it is the one that really matters. I should add that mid and large tents are usually the obvious choice if you plan to grow cannabis for a longer period of time. If you are interested in doing so occasionally, smaller ones are perfect.

Main Factors to Consider

What are the best grow tents? Now when you know about the size and how to choose a correct one, the time is to include other parameters, other factors to be more precise. Yes, a budget you have will determine most of them, but keep in mind that specific tents offer different features and they are more focused on a specific purpose you may have. Anyway, below you will see some of the most popular factors to consider.


Height is something to consider before you make your choice. In most cases, you will have to choose between 5 and 7’. Let’s explain both choices a bit better. 5’ are sufficient, but not great. Weed can grow into the light, literally. They also support up to 400W of lighting which is sufficient, but also not ideal. If a plant reached the light, the temperature of the bulb will destroy it, literally! That’s why I prefer 7’ tall tents. Plants can grow taller and you can use better lighting.

Ventilation Flaps

What are ventilation flaps? As the name suggests, they are used to provide proper ventilation inside a tent. The best grow tents always have two of them, in order to ensure the ultimate airflow and even better gas exchange. Yes, there are models with just one flap, but I won’t recommend them. They are still functional, but far less than the ones with a dual system. When it comes to a price, it isn’t a big difference between these two types.


The last thing you want to do is to accidentally hit the tent and get all the plants on the floor. They will be ruined. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, look for tents which have a high stability rating. They must stay in place even when there are vibrations in the room and a tent must stay perfectly still during maintenance and harvest. Important: each tent comes with a maximum load, written on the package. If you go above the limit, you will make the entire tent unstable.

Construction (Frame)

Each tent has a frame. It is a related factor to the one I have just mentioned. The frame determined the stability, strength, and durability of a tent. Stainless steel is the best choice, while aluminum is the lightest choice. In a case, you consider some of the tents with iron or metal prone to corrosion, make sure it is properly coated to provide ultimate protection against corrosion.

The Type of Fabric

The type of fabric is an important factor as well. It must be light proof! Some, usually low-end tents have a poor light proof rating, so avoid them. The rating you will need is 100%. Furthermore, you will need a fire retardant fabric, just to be sure. Hemp canvas is actually the most common type of fabric used here. It is reliable, strong and it offers all the advantages of even more expensive materials.

Lighting Support

How well or how easy it would be to set up the lighting in a tent. The best grow tents have extraordinary lighting support, meaning that you can place any type of lighting you prefer. In addition, the part of the frame or additional construction is an important part. It must be strong and offer easy accessibility.

Space for a Properly Sized Fan

A fan is mandatory to eliminate moisture and to ventilate a tent 20 times per hour. But, what are additional requirements? First and foremost, a tent must have space and must be compatible with some of the most popular fans. You must calculate the size of a fan according to the tent! The equation for that is L x W x H (length x width x height). You will get a number N. The N represents a number of times, a fan must ventilate the tent per hour. A Higher value is possible, but lower is far from safe!

Reflective Interior

I discovered that more than 90% of tents for this application comes with the reflective interior material. It is essential to ensure the best lighting condition possible. Nevertheless, some of the tents don’t have this feature, so you will have to use aluminum foil or something reflective in order to correct it. Don’t bother with that! You won’t be able to develop an effective solution.

Removable Tray

Despite the fact it is one of the smallest features, it is one of those that truly makes a difference. A removable waterproof tray is located at the bottom of a tent. It is used to remove excess water, which will cause a bad odor over time. Luckily, nowadays, more and more tents come with the feature in question as standard, but it isn’t 100% implemented, not yet at least. Without a tray, you will have to be original and think of another alternative.

Viewing Window

Are you planning to open your tent each time you want to check on the plants inside? Probably not. I also discovered that opening tents frequently have a negative impact on the plants! They will lose the balance of the elements inside a tent. A viewing window is a key to this issue. It is small, comes with a cover and it makes you feel special when you look at the plants through it. It is actually an incredible feeling. Top tip: Always look for viewing windows that come with a cover. It is used to protect the plants!


If a zipper malfunction during the flowering or vegetation period, you are in a huge mess. In a matter of fact, this is one of the biggest complications and problems growers encounter per a harvest. A good thing is that best grow tents come with heavy-duty zippers. They will work perfectly for a long period of time and you want to have any doubts in them. The best way to discover the quality of a zipper is to check its operation. If it is smooth and easy, it is a great unit. If you must pull it with plenty of force, be prepared to replace it anytime soon.

Installation of a New Grow Tent

If you are a beginner, you will appreciate my help with the matter. Installation is an essential procedure in the entire process! Make a mistake here and you will have to bypass it during the entire process. Anyway, follow these steps.

  1. Assembly the tent
  2. Add the lighting (not too close to the plants)
  3. Install the fan
  4. Add carbon filter to make sure there are no smells
  5. All done

The installation guide will come with the tent. It may be incomplete, but it is generic. The just mentioned points are the only ones you should consider. Nothing else is required.

Inspection of a Tent

Yes, installation is simple, but inspection is actually something to pay close attention to. It is used to ensure all the aspects of the tent are just perfect. There are no complications, mistakes, or any issues which can jeopardize the harvest. The first thing to look for is the positioning of the fans and water pumps. Fans should be positioned in opposite directions and they should sit on something soft. Sponge, wood or similar materials are the best. The same goes for the water pump. Place it on the piece of wood rather than on the ground and you will minimize the vibrations by 80%!

Odor and Light Checks

Besides sound light and odor should be inspected as well. It all starts with the fans. Make sure they create a negative pressure. If the sides of a tent are bent inwards, you have a negative pressure in the tent. It is mandatory to ensure proper elimination of the gasses and odors from the inside of a tent. If the walls are pushed outwards, you have positioned fans incorrectly.

A carbon filter must be securely positioned to the fan which removes air from the tent. Check it out and make sure there are no visible leaks. Also, listen to the unusual sounds that come from the house, while you are outdoors or in another room. All of this applies to the light as well. It must be kept inside a tent at all times. Even the smallest leak can cause a problem. Fix it as soon as possible.

One rule I apply is called the ‘’waist rule’’. The best grow tents are perfectly optimized for it. In essence, everything that works with electricity or it is associated with it, should be positioned above the waistline. Everything that is related to water, should be positioned below the waistline. The explanation is the fact electricity and water must not be in touch, at all times! In addition, I recommend you to pay attention to the cords placed around the tent. They should be safely positioned to avoid any accidents.

Grow Tent Reviews – 2020’s Best Grow Tents

1. Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59 Tent

If you are looking for the best grow tent for the money this model is just right. First and foremost, it is made by a well-known manufacturer, who is the absolute leader with the tents of this type. You can see this by looking at the minor elements, additions, and attention to the details. In any way, the tent is a fantastic. If you recall, I mentioned the fact there are small, mid-sized and large tents. This one is a large one. The dimensions are 5x9x6 feet, so you will have all the space you need.

When it comes to assembly, here we have an excellent example of the latest technology. The tent comes with a steel frame, which is sturdy enough and strong to withstand even the most demanding and the toughest applications. Then, we have an interlocking mechanism, which features all-metal elements as well. Last, but not least, connectors are included in the tent and they are optimized for heavy-duty applications. Overall, you can see that this is a high-end tent. It comes with everything you are going to need and it will meet your demands. I know, because I actually own one!

There are free accessories as well. In the package, you get a 12-inch height extension kit. As the name suggests, it will increase the height of a tent and make it a much better and more ideal for more professional growers. In addition, the kit is easy to install and won’t require any special tools. Obviously, there is no need to explain the fabric and the overall efficiency of a tent. It is well-made and it is going to last. Don’t forget that this is a professional tent for growing cannabis!

Great and strong construction
Metal interlocking elements
12-inch extension kit
Large and massive inside
Access tool pouch is included
Isn’t precisely affordable
Heavy (108 pounds)
Manual is useless
Where To Buy

2. VIVOSUN 60″x60″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic model is one of the best grow tents you can find at the moment. The main advantage is the canvas manufacturer used. It is capable of completely blocking the light from escaping. Sounds impossible? The secret is in the canvas which keeps almost 99% of the light inside a tent. This material is 600d and it will soon become available on other models. In addition, it is one of the newer materials, so it really has plenty to offer. One addition is probably related to the attention to the details. The tent is superb in any way possible. Even the zippers are optimized for heavy-duty usage.

A variety of sizes are something that makes this one of the best grow tents of today. For example, you can have it in 36″x20″x62″ dimensions, which is the smallest, you can have it in 60″x60″x80″ which is the one I recommend and you can have a large size of 96″x48″x80″. Anyway, the tent allows you to get any dimension you prefer and you will need. It is a great for beginners, for intermediate users, and for professionals. I still prefer the mid-sized alternative. As a value for money, I am the best and it also requires very little space.

Installation takes a few minutes no more. It can be completed easily and without a big deal. Then, we have the easy-access door. Compared to other models, they are more practical, more durable and make the entire job easier. Of course, they are still doors, but they are a great aspect of the tent. The removable tray is included in the package.

600d material
Easy access door
Sturdy construction
Available in different sizes
Floor tray is included
Pinholes on the fabrics are possible
Strange difference in the price tags
Where To Buy

3. Hydroplanet™ 60x31x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Thanks to this price and the overall quality, the tent in question is one of the best grow tents in the class. It is more than just perfect for intermediate growers. I actually used it a while back and I was satisfied. Once again, we have a tent which is available in different sizes. It is suitable for beginners, those wanting something more and for professionals, in which case a larger version is preferable. Now, the quality. All versions are made from the same type of canvas, so they are durable and they have a great ability to keep the light inside. Here, you won’t be able to find a drawback. In addition, the material is washable inside and outside.

Colors include black and blue, but the blue hue is used just for smaller elements and for visual appearance. In essence, the tent looks better than rival models. One element I appreciate the most is the tubing system. It allows to hang all the equipment you may have and it is made from steel. Tubes are well-incorporated into the tent and they look great, but still, offer a decent level of practicality. I personally liked this system more than other tents have and I appreciate the geniality of the designers.

What else could be mentioned about the tent? It is a decent value for money, it is suitable for all growers and it has a high satisfaction rate from the owners. Chances are low that you will have any drawbacks regarding the tent. An interesting application of this model is to use it as an additional tent if you already have one, larger unit.

Great design and set of colors
Tubes for hanging all the equipment you have in mind
Assembly process is one of the simplest you can get
Value for money
Available in different sizes
Water access is an issue
Some poles may be missing from the package
Where To Buy

4. Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Heavy-duty zippers, even better stitching and strong construction all say one thing. The strength of this tent is optimized for heavy-duty applications. It is probably the most durable tent on the list. The lighting reflection rate of the inside material is 100%, also one of the best among these models. Assembly process is easy and it can be completed within a matter of minutes. Although, it isn’t one of the simplest assembly processes, just to add.

Customer support is the best as well. You get a 30-day money back guarantee, long warranty and they are ready to answer any question you may have. According to my, personal experience, this isn’t always the case with manufacturers of tents for this application. They are very pleasant as well.

To summarize the things of the tent in question. It doesn’t look special but the interior and the exterior are. It is an affordable unit which offers a superb reflection rate inside. It will keep your plants safe and sound at all times, which is the most important thing here.

Reflection abet
Customer support
30-day money back
High-quality in general
Available in one size only
Tray is too complicated to remove
Where To Buy

5. iPower 48″x24″x60″ Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent with Removable Floor Tray for Indoor Seedling Plant Growing

One of the Best Grow Tents

This is another, and one of the best grow tents you can have today. It is slightly different than the other models on the list. First of all, it is available in two dimensions, but both of them are almost the same, except some, minor variations. The design is one of a kind, so it looks modern and different as well. In the package, you will get a tent, tray (removable), filter straps and a user manual, which isn’t very useful, but still, it is nice to have it. By now you should understand that this is a great model and I will highly recommend it.

Keep in mind that the price is affordable, but the overall quality is far from low! The interior will return 97% of the light obtained from the lighting system. This rate is usually common for high-end models, but now we have the ability to own it with an affordable model. In addition, the material is reflective all around the plants. The construction will withstand up to 110 pounds of weight, although higher amounts are possible as well. The manufacturer claims that the upper limit is more closely to 14 pounds, but the frame is rated for the first mentioned load here.

1-year warranty is more than just sufficient for most of you. At the end, I can only summarize all the things related to this tent. It is a high-quality, great value for money tent. Yes, it is one of the best models in this price range as well.

Weight limit
Tube freemen
97% of the light is sent back to the plants
Filter straps are included
Removable tray
Larger versions would be even better
Manual isn’t practical
Where To Buy


If you are still looking for the best grow tents, one of the models from the list will be just the right choice. I tested all of them and I compared them according to the factors explained at the beginning. The result is obvious. All of these tents are high-quality units, without any issues which may affect your growing and harvesting later on. They are durable as well and they will last for a long period of time. The best one is the tent which suits your needs the best and the one that has been chosen according to the factors mentioned at the beginning.