Indoor gardening has become a common trend to lots of growers. If you grow cannabis in your indoor area, the most important thing that you need is the lighting system.

However, all the lights may not be favorable for growing plants. Whether you grow marijuana or other plants, T5 lights can be the best option.

These lights can work excellently for all seedlings and growth of vegetation. Supercharge your process of gardening with the use of these lights.

Now, let’s have a look at the major advantages that you can get with T5 lights.

Benefits of Using T5 Grow Lights

T5 Grow Lights

An Improved Efficiency

You know that the modern fluorescent lights are highly effective in their work, and they are also the better option than any standard indoor light, such as plasma lightings.

In fact, to most of the users, level of efficiency is the most significant factor. This feature helps you in saving your money on the monthly utility bill.

Though there are lots of other alternatives, like T12 and T8, you may find that T5 can be one of the efficient options. With the T5 bulbs, you will enjoy almost hundred lumens for every watt.

T5 lights may reduce the consumption of energy by more than fifty percent, and it varies on the basis of what you want to grow or cultivate.

Very Limited Emission of Heat

The amount of heat that T5 lights produce as an output may be very low. The room won’t get filled with excessive heat. If the heat level is very high, then you have to consider buying a ventilation tool to remove some heat.

However, T5 lighting systems always keep the room cool, and thus, there will be no issue, if you place the light, in adjacent to the cannabis.

This feature is highly significant to those, who are engaged in indoor gardening. A good control over the environment is always essential.

That is why T5 lights may be the best option to them. You can find hotter lights, like MH, and they have to be placed one foot away from plants.

Spread of Light Rays Uniformly

When you have bought fluorescent light, the rays may get emitted from all its parts. However, if this is your HID lights, you will have the rays from only one particular spot.

With the T5 light, all the plants, which are just below it, may get the rays in a consistent way. Thus, each of the plants will start growing at an equal rate.

There will be no smaller and taller plants in your gardening area.

Much User-Friendly

While you are new to T5 lighting systems, you may not have a problem in using them. Hang your lights at the right spot and then plug the system to your electric outlet.

You will have no hassle with cables and ballasts. Buy the lights, install them and then start to grow plants.

While the bulbs get broken, you may also replace them easily because all of them are of the same standard.

Lasts for a Longer Period

Most of us have observed that T5 bulbs work consistently for a long period. You can use those lights for two or more years. It will give light for almost twenty thousand hours.

However, while the bulbs remain activated for twelve hours on a daily basis, they may work only for four years. So, the lifespan may vary depending on how you have used them.

No Dependence on The Natural Weather

If you grow your plants in the indoors area and use T5 lights, you do not need to depend on the season or weather condition, favorable for developing plants.

These artificial lightings, with T5 systems, will surely help you in cultivating plants throughout a year. Thus, you may get only the fresh fruits during winter and summer.

Uses of the T5 Lighting Systems

While undergoing the flowering process, cannabis should get enough grow lights. The T5 bulbs, with a considerable lifespan, emit the rays in blue colored spectrum.

Those, who have developed a greenhouse and need artificial lightning, may buy T5 lights for controlling the temperature and other conditions.

T5 Lights of Various Types

LED Light

Many harvesters look for the best LED grow lights, and then, they put them into the fixtures of T5 model. T5 LED tubes have high energy efficiency, and they work with very limited wattage.

They can retain their performance for almost 50,000 hours.

Fluorescent Lights

Nowadays, lots of gardeners are replacing their MH or HPS lights to use these fluorescent lights.

Factors That You Must Consider To Purchase The Lights

To pick the best indoor grow lights, you need to consider some important factors. Choosing the most suitable light will help you to grow cannabis at a faster rate.

Dimension of The Lights

The diameter of any T5 bulb is usually about 5/8 inch, and their fixtures may be of various sizes. Thus, you can choose an option that suits your room.

You have to decide on how many bulbs you are going to buy. It can vary on the basis of the area of your garden or greenhouse. You may also switch off those lights, which are not essential.

Model of Reflector

The lights not only differ in size but also in the style.

In many cases, you may find lights, attached to a rectangular-shaped reflector. Another style for reflector is gull-wing.

However, I think that you may use the former one so that the maximum area can get the light rays. But, some gardeners install their lights at a higher altitude, and for them, the second option may be the better one. This helps in redirecting the light rays in a consistent way.

T5 lighting tools, with reflecting system, raise the penetration level by almost ninety five percent that you cannot find in case of HID and ordinary LED bulbs.

Temperature or Heat Produced by The Bulb

Many T5 light fixtures are equipped with bulbs that generate 6500K temperature in the indoor area. The growers may use the systems mainly for the seedlings and microgreens.

However, fruit and flower producing plants can also give the best output with T5 structure. Some bulbs also maintain 3000K temperature for your plant growth.

Other Additional Features to Have an Improved Output

Many brands offer some advanced features, which are intended for enhancing the ability of the T5 grow lights. One of the notable features is the unique ability for controlling the bulbs in a separate way.

For instance, you may make some bulbs dimmer. Or, it is also better to deactivate some of them to meet your needs. This allows you to save much amount of energy.

At the same time, they provide cannabis only with the essential amount of light for growth. This feature is much useful, while you are presently dealing with the seedlings. The needs of light in this condition are very low.

Though the features and qualities of lights are the most valuable factors to you, it is better to evaluate some other aspects.

Area of Your Garden

I have already talked about this issue.

T5 lighting system should be enough big and sturdy so that they can provide you with sufficient rays. They will enable your cannabis to grow at the fastest speed. You may choose the lights, which are about two to four inches in length.

So, start to calculate the garden area to have the right setup with T5 lights. Try to get the maximum value from your investment.

Growth Rate of Your Plants

This is one of the significant aspects for keeping up the conditions of your plants. Many of the modern T5 lights include well-designed fixtures, and these are much convenient, causing no problem. You may safely suspend the lights or bulbs from the roof.

However, you may need to know whether the plant size may outgrow your chosen fixture.

For most of the small-sized plants, you can choose T5 grow lights, which is equipped with a strong frame. If the plants are of large or average size, you may prefer the lights that are in hanging condition.

There is no need of purchasing any extension.

The most important thing, which I may recommend is that you have to make a plan to position the lights. You can place the lights in a good way without wasting the floor area.

Lights Already Present in Your Room

As a professional grower, you may have installed the indoor lights for cultivating plants. That is why you may better think of whether the newly bought T5 grow lights can improve the setup.

If you do not want to remove the old lighting pieces, you can determine how much energy they may consume every day. And this will help you to make the right deal.

T5 or Other Alternatives: Which is Right for You?

Rather than using T12 or T8, you may better rely on T5 bulbs or lamps. Their efficiency level is really incredible.

The Number of Fixtures

I cannot give you any specific answer, as it may vary on the amount of space, available in the greenroom.

T5 Grow Light Reviews: Best T5 Grow Lights

Now, if you are purchasing T5 grow lights for the first time, you may not be able to pick the right one.

So, I have selected some of those lights and reviewed all their features. You will get a clear idea of all those products and make your decision.

1. Jump Start 4′ T5 Grow Light System

Best T5 Lights

I have already heard the name of Jump Start, and so, I have recently experimented with one of these models.

What I have realized is that this system works best for clones of cannabis and seedlings.

The level of lumens produced by this unit is almost fifteen to twenty percent higher.

And thus, it is better than any other regular standard T5 grow lights.

With this light, it is also easy to grow large size plants from small seedlings.

As the system has its frame, I have got the utmost convenience.

After I have bought the light, I have easily assembled them within a short time.

For other lights that I have chosen previously are to be suspended from ceilings. It is much risky to install lights in this way.

Another important feature of the product is the reflective coating, and it helps in directing light rays in a better way.

Increase the growth of plants
T5 bulbs included in the package
Consume much space
Agrobrite FLT28 T5 Fluorescent
Where To Buy

2. Agrobrite FLT28 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System

It is another amazing one that I have tested to grow cannabis.

I have got almost all the things that are important for the growth. I am thankful to EnviroGro because of the high-quality kits, presented by the brand.

The bulbs produce 8000 lumens.

In addition to it, the presence of reflective covering has enhanced the coverage of light for all the plants.

As my garden area is not too big, I have decided to buy the product of EnviroGro because it has not covered much space.

However, with other HID lights, I have not got this advantage. No matter how small your garden is, you can use this space easily.

You may hang the fixture in a vertical or horizontal way. The brand has also offered multiple options for sizes. Thus, you can choose 4 or 2 ft long structure with different tubes.

No need of extra ventilation
Offers all kinds of T5 grow bulbs
No dimmer and timer
attached to the system
Where To Buy

3. Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp

It is a 4ft long fixture, most suitable for using T5 bulbs. The system is able to work with 110V/120V.

The best fact is that with the increase of my garden area, the light may also enhance their capability. The aluminum reflectors are almost ninety five percent reflective.

The important kit offered by the brand is the chained outlet.

Moreover, I have availed the product at the most affordable price.

The temperature level, maintained by this light, is about 6500K.

This is a warranted product that has removed my hassle. Plugging the light and activating it for my gardening purpose is very easy to almost all the users.

The power coating and the durable housing have also made the product distinguished.

As I have also a large aquarium, I have also used the light for this system, and the intensity of light is also excellent to make a favorable environment in my aquarium.

I have already used the product for about six months, and I have found no issue.

Very high output
Intended for the healthy growth of all the plants
Plug and play system has added the level of convenience of the users
The fixtures are not stain-resistant
Where To Buy

4. T5 Grow Light (4ft 4lamps)

If you want to look for the safest lighting systems, then you may better choose this T5 grow light of Durolux.

The amazing feature of this product is that it produces almost 20000 lm. I can grow cannabis just like a pro.

The amount of light that you may get as output is about thirty percent more than that of the average lights.

In addition to it, this package offers all the important accessories that are highly essential to boost the growth of cannabis. The lamps are about four feet in length.

There are chains and hooks that you may use for installing the system.

Another convenient aspect of this light is that it does not cause any clutter, when I deal with the fixtures. With one electric outlet, I have set up the overall system.

The package also includes a power cord of about fifteen inches.

The output is also flexible because two available controls help in dimming. You may use them for the outer or inner bulbs.

No risk in the damp or wet environment
Prevention of fire while the tubes become loose
Work as HO bulbs
Where To Buy

5. Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent

This fluorescent light is also another option that I have tested as one of the cannabis growers.

Equipped with 8 inches power cord, this product is really advantageous to me. The light is able to generate 8000 lm.

As there is a steel covering, I have found the product to be much safer. Apart from that, it has also a power coating that has made the product unique.

These 4 6400K tubes have helped me in my gardening in a number of ways.

I am satisfied with the fact that the manufacturer has applied aluminum in order to distribute the light in a better way.

I can also hang the lights in various ways.

No risk in the damp or wet environment
Prevention of fire while the tubes become loose
Work as HO bulbs
Where To Buy

Final Words

Thus, you may choose highly efficient T5 grow lights for lots of diverse purposes, including the growth of cannabis.

You can use T5 setup not only for gardening but also for having lights at your office or home. Lots of people, who are trying to save energy, are choosing these lights.

Whether you grow spices, veggies or fruits, T5 grow lights may be the right alternative.

When you are installing the lights, you need to check the height or the point, where you need to mount the fixtures.