Just as any animal or human being, a plant also needs various nutrients for its growth.

If the soil is good, there is no need of extra nutrient to a seedling.

However, when you want to grow cannabis in a vast amount, it is essential to consider nutrients. You may find lots of commercial nutrients in order to cultivate cannabis.

These nutrients are much valuable during the growing and blooming stage.

Cannabis Nutrients: Why Should You Purchase?

In fact, the nutrients for cannabis work like a diet of a person.

If you do not provide your cannabis with the right amount of nutrients, it may have malnutrition. Poor harvesting will lead to a weak plant, and you will also not get several flowers.

That is why for the better output, it is important to buy the best cannabis nutrients.

What Nutrients Should You Provide to Cannabis?

A cannabis plant should have all the major elements, which may be macronutrients.

Some of these elements are phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and oxygen. In the commercial nutrient package, you may get all these elements.

However, the main difference is in the percentage of the elements, present in the package. Other minerals in these packages are zinc, chlorine, iron, zinc and cobalt.

Cannabis does not need very high percentage of the minerals for growth. However, still, they’re important to the growth and development of a plant.

Nitrogen: This is essential to make the growth rate faster.
Calcium: It makes your plant root much healthier and stronger
Sulfur: It helps in the production of chlorophyll.
Potassium: This is one of the cannabis nutrients to boost up the flowering as well as the intake of water.

Thus, from seedling to full growth- at every stage, you have to consider adding the nutrients to the cannabis.

While this is the first time you are cultivating cannabis, you may not have the right idea on the most suitable nutrients.

To remove all your confusions, I have presented you with a comprehensive guide.

Though it is always essential to add the cannabis nutrients regularly, you have to know the way of choosing the best ones.

Nutrient Types and Their Benefits

1. Organic Nutrients

Have an excellent taste and smell: Most of the harvesters know that the nutrients, based on the organic substances, may have high fragrance.

The main factor behind is that the use of composted soil. This soil may have microorganisms, which are highly beneficial for your cannabis growth.

The taste of these nutrients is also much intense. Some nutrients are available in liquid form, and you can water the plants with these nutrients.

Are not suitable for any hydroponic setup: These nutrients may not be acceptable, if there is hydroponic arrangement. It is because the organic substances may cause the accumulation of discarded materials. In this case, you may choose the chemical ones.

Are always natural: As there are living organisms in soil, you may allow the roots to have close contact with nature.

2. Chemical-Based Nutrients

Growth at a faster rate: The plants are able to absorb these nutrients in the easiest way. It leads to the fastest plant growth.

Better potential: Though the organic ones have a considerable ability to increase of flavor of your buds, these chemical plant nutrients enhances the level of potency.

Does Your Plant Need Every Nutrient?

While the plant really needs all the available nutrients, you may purchase super soil or compost it. This soil has every nutrient that is essential to a plant for harvest.

With this soil, there is also no need of having any concern on the maintenance of pH balance. T

he process of composting helps in the development of microorganisms, and thus, the soil can care for pH level in a natural way.

Factors to Consider While Buying Nutrients

Ratios of Nutrients

This ratio of most of the branded products is not same. However, every manufacturer tries to make sure that the nutrient is highly suitable for your plant’s growth all the time.

Is it Hydro Nutrient?

Depending on how much your plant has grown, you have to choose the nutrients. The nutrients, which are simply soil, may not be same as that of the hydroponic nutrients.


The organic and chemical compounds are blended in a variety of amounts. However, the nutrient percentage will remain same.

Each of these compounds has a different reaction. But, the nutrient that is to be provided to the plants may be different.

pH level

While you want to choose the right nutrients, this factor is important. If this pH balance is not suitable, then your plants will not get much nutrient.

And thus, the cannabis will experience the issue of underfeeding. Now matter whether you have blended nutrient to water, you may not be able to solve the problem. That is why you have to observed pH for the fastest growth.

It allows you to make adjustment.

Nutrients and Supplements: Both of Them are Never Same

While there is a low NPK percentage, it may be a supplement. If you can add the most suitable micronutrients and NPK, you will be able to nourish your plants.

Supplements may also be a suitable option.

However, if the amount of supplements becomes excessive, there will be adverse reaction. Many nutrient providers sell supplements, and thus, you have to check out whether it is the right one that you need.

Way of Using The Nutrients

Cannabis needs only a small amount of micronutrients or nutrients. And all of them are useful to maintain the health of the plants.

Many of them are also present in high-quality soil. However, the experienced cannabis growers like to buy special additives and nutrients.

Whether your plant has overdoses or deficiency is detectable by observing the color and look of your plant. But, the symptoms of overfeeding may be almost same as that of the deficiency.

The common symptom for nutritional issues is the yellow colored leaves and drooping. The yellow leaves denote that there is an issue of blooming stage.

Cannabis growers, who depend only on soil, may stick to simple water just for two to three weeks. A small amount of soil can have enough micronutrients and macronutrients, which are essential for nourishing the small cannabis plants or seedlings.

This will help you to have the faster growth of vegetation.

Best Nutrients For Growing Cannabis

I have chosen some cannabis nutrients of the most recognized brands. You may have a good deal after going through my assessment.

1. Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow

Cannabis Nutrients

As one of the marijuana growers, I have bought Advance Nutrients for the growth of cannabis.

This 3-part package has provided me with the highest value.

After a few days of adding these nutrients, I have started noticing the fastest thriving of cannabis. As the brand has offered all three solutions in one package, it has become affordable for me to grow cannabis.

The one-liter package is excellent for the blooming and overall growth.

The molecules, present in the product, are useful because I want to enrich my plants with several nutrients.

This nutrient package has also removed all the concerns on pH level. The manufacturer has applied an excellent technology for balancing this pH value.

At almost all the stages, my plants have absorbed the nutrients in the best ways, and that is why it has produced the best output after full growth.

The brand has provided enough nutrients in each of the packages. I have used it for almost six months. Thus, for two harvest seasons, you may make only one deal.

Make the plants bigger and healthier
Right pH level
Instructions added at the bottle’s side
Not well constructed bottles
Where To Buy

2. Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient

This nutrient is available in liquid form, and it is highly effective to have faster blooming.

Fox Farm has offered this trio package, containing Tiger Bloom, Grow Big and Big Bloom. If you use them rightly, you will surely get the desired result.

For the lush growth of cannabis, I have chosen Grow Big, at first.

While you have started applying Tiger Bloom, the buds appear after some days. Both these packages are effective to give significant level of output.

And for the last one, Big Bloom, the roots of my plants have got an excellent treatment.

This package has an amazing healing capability and it has boosted up the nutritional cycle of all my cannabis plants.

This nutrient helps in producing mature fruits and flowers as it is highly potential because of its phosphorus content. The nutrient has worked as the best foods for my plants.

Wonderful package with three potent bottles
Best for cannabis and other plants
Suitable for hydroponics and soil
Nutrients are not water soluble
Where To Buy

3. General Hydroponics Combo Fertilizer Set

This is another set that comprises not only the micronutrients but also the primary and secondary nutrients.

I am happy at the improved plant growth after the application of these nutrients. The output quality that it produces is also excellent.

I have adjusted the mixture in order to meet all the needs of my plants.

In terms of aroma, nutrition and tang, the product is effective.

Another advantageous fact about this product is that this is easily soluble. As the balance of pH is also right, I have used it with no extra effort.

I am thankful to the brand, General Hydroponics because of its unique formula.

No symptom of nutritional issue
Explosive growth
Combo pack at an affordable price
Balanced pH level
Sediment left if you use sprayer for applying it
Where To Buy

4. General Hydroponics CALiMAGic Quart

If you are concerned on the nutritional issues of your plants, then you may depend on CALiMAGic.

Magnesium and calcium are present in a concentrated level. And CALiMAGic has really offered me a wonderful result.

The nutrient has worked wonderfully for the enhancement of the growth of plants.

The manufacturer has made the formula in a special way so that it can prevent all the deficiency of nutrients.

At times, the end of blossoms gets rotten because of the lack of nutrients to the plants.

However, if you use this product, you may keep away from this problem.

Prevents rotting and burning
Best for all plants; especially those which need calcium
Easy to apply and much inexpensive
Does not have organic content
Where To Buy

5. Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Fertilizer

I have started using these nutrients for my seedlings.

The fertilizer also works best for the clones and transplants. This is one of the purest products that I have bought for my cannabis.

The nutrients have led to a better output and improved growth. The product is little sticky, and your plant is going to get these candied fertilizer.

For those, who want sugarcoated harvesting, this package may be the best option. This aroma and smell of this product is excellent.

Applicable for both hydroponic and soil
Fastest flowering
Blend the right micro-nutrients
The package is not much big
Where To Buy

Final Words

Thus, buy cannabis nutrients that improve the taste, quality and effectiveness of the product.

With the appropriate minerals and nutrients, your cannabis will have a considerable growth. The reputed brands always provide you with the most valuable nutrients.

Whether it is flowering or vegetative stage, you may find the dramatic development by applying nutrients. These commercial nutrients prevent all the issues, like weak branches, curl leaves, rotten leaves, and many other problems.

If you are new as a cannabis grower, you may speak to some experienced person. However, buying the cannabis nutrients is always important to grow cannabis or marijuana.