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LED grow light is one of the common tools to grow seedlings, herbs and many other plants, including cannabis. As an indoor cannabis grower, I have also chosen it to increase my production. However, I was much confused while selecting the best brand for buying this LED light. After going through various customer reviews and features of the product, I have bought MarsHydro Mars 600W LED Grow Light for cultivating cannabis in my indoor space. MarsHydro, a reliable China-based company, has gained reputation, in the market of LED grow lights.

Features of Marshydro Mars 600W LED Grow Light

Design of The Grow Light

I love the design of MarsHydro 600W as it is equipped with steel-made cable kit. Though I have little concerns on the setup, I have ultimately found it much easy to do. I have integrated it into the present tent with almost no trouble. The heatsink is made of aluminum, and it includes cleaning solution with a heat-resistant tube. So, there is a no risk of overheating with this system. This UL Certified product has really offered the best value to my investment as it ensures safety during my usage. This is designed to work with almost all types of outlets, and performs smoothly with 55 to 60Hz.

The diode design of the light is much reliable. While one of the chips cannot work, my light continues its performance. Overall weight of the light is about 9.85 pounds.

There is also a plug system, which has been manufactured with VDE Certified cables. It creates a very durable structure, and thus, the LED grow light can gain the capacity of working for several hours (50,000 – 100,000).

I have attached a small-sized protector in adjacent to my LED grow light. I think that it would surely help me with better level of safety while the LED part has burnt out. Though there is almost no risk of LED burning, this unit is good to have prevention against any failure. When any of the lights gets deactivated, the overall panel will not have its effect.

Coverage of Light Rays and Size of the Product

The length of the main panel is almost seventeen inches, while its width is about eleven inches. However, the thickness is three inches. I have grown cannabis with its purple light rays that cover a considerable area. While it is the blooming period, I have maintained the range of 2 x1.5 ft. In case of vegetating, the coverage should be 2.5 x 2 ft. To sprout the seeds, you have hanged it almost 24 in. above the soil. The main difference may be noticed by choosing the height from which I have suspended my light. As one of the well-skilled cannabis grower, I adjust this coverage to meet my needs.

Duration of Turning on the Lights

I have also tried to get the optimal advantage from this light. While growing seedlings, I have kept the light turned on for almost eighteen to twenty hours on every day. I’ve maintained this routine until the development of seedlings. After that I have changed this schedule for the vegetative period. I have constantly observed the timing and the lights for keeping up the best condition of the plants. With the growth of plants, I have altered the lights’ position. I have kept the lights activated for fourteen to eighteen hours. Now, for blooming, I like to run the lights for almost twelve hours every day.

Fans System for Lowering the Temperature

MarsHydro light comprises two fans, which are intended for cooling purposes, and these fans start spinning while you are using the light. This cold air blows over the sink, which is designed for the dissipation of high temperature from diodes. While these well-fitted fans have started whirling in its own motion, my LED light generates some sound, which may be about 56 decibels. This 56dB is really very low, and it has caused no issue to others, while I have installed it in a closet or tent. The heat production is slightly more than what this brand has claimed. But, it is only a minimal difference of the heat level.

However, while I leave the lights on, it does not make any concern. The cooling mechanism makes everything cool.

Consumption of Energy

In cases of energy consumption, I have seen that my light draws current of about 2.488A on 110V and takes up almost 280W. You can see that these are not high figures. I think that it will help to remain under control. I have already used the lights for a number of months. However, I have noticed no significant rise in the cost.

Comparison with Other MarsHydro Products

Now, I like to make a comparison of MarsHydro 600 and MarsHydro 300 as I have bought both of them to know their difference. I have found the similarity in the heat distributing capacity, cannabis growing ability, the penetration level and plug designs. The grow lights from MarsHydro offer 5W Epistar diodes. It has helped me to have a good light spectrum, which comprises various wavelengths, like 650-660nm. These lamps give out the spectrum, best for all cannabis growing periods. However, 140 W, a diode may not be used fully. Every diode remains behind lens, which gives protection to the light system. Both the lights have 5W Chip. However, the difference is that Mars600 deal with 120 LEDs, while for Mars300, it is 60 LEDs.

Better distribution of heat
Increases the growth rate of cannabis
Cleaner heatsink
Best for vegging
seedlings and clones
Good protection to the diode structure
Light spectrum is of average size
Where To Buy


To conclude, I can say that MarsHydro Mars 600W is long-lasting as well as durable. This product is an affordable option to most of the novice cannabis growers. While I have used it, I have found everything easy and simple. However, Mars 300W is also a good option, offered by this brand, and so, I have bought both these lights for my use.