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Growing plants indoor especially cannabis is a demanding process. There are a lot of factors which have to be taken into consideration and there is a need for a huge knowledge.

One of the most important things to know is the lighting. Because plants need light, plenty of it, and they cannot get it in a closed room, you will need a grow light.

There are a lot of alternatives here, a lot of variations and a lot of variables. Some of them are extremely expensive, some are dedicated to professional use only and some are ideal for beginners. So what is the matter with the TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb?

In essence, this is an affordable lighting alternative suitable for beginners, those who have low requirements when it comes to grow lights and for those who want the best. Despite the low price, this unit is rated as a high-end version, which has a lot to offer.

There are a lot of facts you will have to know regarding this unit. Take some time and discover all of them in the content below.

Features of TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb

As we have mentioned, the TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb may be affordable, but it still has a lot to offer.

The list of features is long and some of them are commonly seen among high-end products of this kind. In a nutshell, even professional growers will be satisfied with the unit in question.

At the moment, all we have to reveal is that this bulb is a bit extraordinary, different than equivalent models.

Small and Powerful LEDs

This bulb comes with 12 small lights implemented into it. Three are blue and nine are red.

Combined, they provide 4 different wavelengths, which are the most important for the plants. As such, your cannabis will be ‘’happy’’ and will get all the light it needs.

This feature made us believe we are discussing a high-end grow light, designed for the most demanding growers.

Standard E26 Fitting

It isn’t rare to get a grow light of this design which has an extraordinary fitting, making it less useful than usual.

Luckily, the model we have here doesn’t share this type of an issue. It comes with a standard E26 fitting, which suggests that it can be fitted on any lamp you may want to use.

As a matter of fact, this grow light even supports desk lamps, so it is more than just practical and convenient. After all, it is designed for beginners and for those who want to get the most out of their grow light.

At this point, we should add that the overall weight of the light is 9 ounces only. What this means is that installing and using the bulb is easier than ever before.

Aluminum Heat Sink

At the back we can see a heat sink of the latest generation.

First of all, it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is currently known as the best material for this application. Then we have great vents and holes which are reserved for extracting the heat from the light and moving it away from the plants.

Keep in mind that these bulbs don’t have fans for cooling, so a heat sink and the related systems have a crucial role in eliminating heat from the plants. In other words, this is the best grow bulb when it comes to cooling feature we have tested in a long time.

Be free to use it as long as you need it, without a fear of heat damaging your plants.

Interesting: We tested the bulb for 24 hours and it stayed perfectly cool after that time frame. As a matter of fact, you can hold your hand on it.

12 Watt of Power

We have mentioned that this bulb has 12 LED diodes. Each one uses 1W of power, so the max power you will get is 12W.

As you may assume, this power is more than just sufficient for most growers. But, we also liked the fact there is an eco-friendly advantage.

This grow bulb is perfect when it comes to energy consumption. It uses 50% less energy than equivalent models, so we have a huge advantage here.

All LEDs are based on the latest technology and they have a long lifespan, something we will mention further below.

50.000 Hours Lifespan

The lifespan of this bulb is probably one of the main advantages we must reveal. Due to the fact all the LEDs are based on the latest generation and they use less energy than usual, they can provide an extra-long lifespan.

As a matter of fact, we are expecting of 50.000 hours lifespan, but a longer time frame is probable. Obviously this isn’t something extraordinary.

All LEDs have a long lifespan and they can be used for years before they will need replacement. This also means that the bulb in question is a wise investment, simply because it will last longer than other alternatives.

3 Square Feet of Coverage Area

The coverage area is 3 square feet and it is a decent result, especially if we know that this isn’t a big grow light.

In reality, it is considered as a small unit, so the coverage area is definitely an advantage.

Try to remember that the light must be positioned between 1.6 and 5 feet above the plants. This is extremely important if your plants are 16 inches in height.

Users who disobeyed this rule determined that there are some issues with their pants, so make sure you follow it.

In addition, the light offers bright and high-quality lighting at all times, so there is no need to make any adjustments in order to try to maximize the lighting conditions.

12-Months Plus Warranty

A standard warranty on this light is 12 months, which is a decent length if we consider that it is one of the most affordable units out there.

However, you can get additional 6 months of warranty if you register with the seller.

Basically you will have to provide some data which has been used while purchasing the product and you will get the mentioned 6 months of warranty. It is definitely a recommended action to complete.

In addition, there is an excellent customer support, which is available 24/7 and they are very helpful. In reality, this may be one of the best customer supports we have seen in a long time.

Three Versions Available

You will probably want to know that there are three different versions of the light in question.

They are white, golden and green. An interesting fact comes to the design of the light bulbs.

While white model looks standard or better said almost the same as other models on the market, green and golden versions are different.

This especially refers to the rear end where we can see a bit different heat-sink.

Yes, the cooling results were the same regardless of the type, just they look different.

We must say that golden and green versions look a bit more elegant, more sophisticated.

The explanation lies in the power of the bulb. Green and golden versions have a total power of 36W, while the white one has 12W only.

Now, it is up to you which version you need, but both of them offer decent results. 12W is better for smaller applications, while 36W version is more focused on bigger applications.

The 30-Degree Angle

The angle this grow light offers is 30 degrees. It is the same as with a 336W version we saw earlier. Yes, it doesn’t sound like much, but this value is standard for bulbs of this kind.

It is generally a decent angle which has a lot to offer and which is very beneficial for the plants. Of course, the more the merrier, but in that case scenario, you would need a much bigger, professional LED grow light.

Small Dimensions

We have mentioned that the dimensions are small, but now it is time to say something more about this matter.

As a matter of fact, the dimensions are 5.9 x 5 x 5 inches, which suggests that the grow light we have here is ideal for applications where space is an issue. It is small, yet powerful, so growers get the best of both worlds.

Additionally, we will have to reveal that dimensions of the grow light determine the coverage area. In this case scenario, we can see an impressive mixture. The light is small, but it still offers a decent coverage area.

For All Growing Stages

Here we have one feature which is probably the most important for all of you.

The light here is suitable for all growth stages. You can start using it in seedling phase and continue to use it until the harvesting time.

There is no any secrets here. Simply, the light has LEDs which emit different wavelengths, so they can provide sufficient light to plants in any phase.

It is truly an impressive fact knowing that you won’t have to replace the grow light once plants reach the next phase.

Value for Money

Although this is an affordable grow bulb, it offers a high level of quality.

We were able to see several aspects which are more than just appealing. First of all, the materials are durable, the diodes are excellent and the construction is strong.

In a nutshell, this grow bulb is an excellent value for money. Users will get a lot for this price and chances are high that they will be more than just satisfied with the grow bulb in question.

Overall Quality

The manufacturer used only high-quality components and materials during the manufacturing process. As such, we can see aircraft-grade aluminum, strong glass, durable internal components and strong fitting.

A combination of all this means that your new bulb for growing cannabis is going to last and withstand anything you may have on your mind.

Comparing to other models, we were able to see a major difference in the quality and material presence.

High-Efficiency Rate

If we combine all the features we have mentioned, we will get an impressive feature.

The efficiency result is above the average which simply means that this grow light is better than similar models from the same price range or of the same class.

What this means in plain words, the improvement in yield and in the plant development will be noticed in more than 99% cases.

Of course, in order to get this, you will have to use the light properly and to pay attention to the details. One of the most important ones is the light position over the plants.

Try to recall that we have explained this matter earlier, so take a look back and use the light as we explained.

  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Brand: TaoTronics
  • Socket: E26
  • Lifespan: 50.000 hours
  • LEDs: 12
  • Power: 12/36W (depends on version)
  • Input electricity: 300mA
  • Angle: 30 degree
  • Warranty: 1 year + 6 months after product registration
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Excellent power/quality balance
  • It provides the essential wavelengths cannabis needs
  • Superb cooling, so the light will stay cool even after 24 hours of constant use
  • Uses standard E26 fitting so it can be used with all kinds of lamps
  • 50.000 hours lifespan
  • Small and compact which means it can be used in areas where space may be an issue
  • Additional 5 months of warranty will be yours only after product registration
  • Sensitive elements inside the bulb


The TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb is far more than just a simple and cheap product of this kind. It is sophisticated, perfectly developed product which has a lot to offer.

We would recommend it for beginners primarily, but professional growers won’t have any issues with it as well.

After all, this grow bulb is based on the latest technology, it has sophisticated features and it is going to last. As an investment it is wise; as essential components for the plants it is mandatory and as a choice, it is definitely a smart one.